Cooking with Carlotta

Giving you an authentic spoonful of Italy.

Cooking with Carlotta means cooking Italian. It means using genuine flavors and family recipes passed down from mother to daughter. It means getting your hands in the flour and making pasta the way my grandmother showed me. I really feel that when you are cooking with Carlotta, that’s me, that I am giving you an authentic spoonful of Italy.
It’s not just the menus that cater to your taste buds and dietary restrictions, but it’s the fresh ingredients, the local wines, the perfume of a summer day, the friendly banter, and the sense of family and community when we eat together on the terrace. This, to me, is an authentic spoonful of Italy.
I know that traveling abroad means lots of organization, so I work with each of my clients to create personalized menus that can be completed during your visit or for a special occasion, and I work within your budget. I am happy to arrange a visit to a local winery for a tour and tasting. Or organizing a stay in a local holiday farm within walking distance of my kitchen.
Enjoy the genuine taste of Tuscany​!

There are 3 good reasons why you should choose my cooking school

You have a few days to enjoy Florence and want to savour “a real Italian meal”.

You love the country, the Tuscan landscape, and a meal in the garden.

You want to enjoy an experience built around you, your personal taste, and level of expertise.

Enjoy an outstanding experience far from the hustle-bustle of Florence.

…you really can’t wait to get your “hands on pasta”!

Chef’s choice!

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Beyond excellent! Customizable Tuscan cooking lessons with amazing Carlotta!
February 2021

I live outside of Firenze & put a post out to a Florence/Tuscany Facebook group asking for someone I could take ongoing cooking lessons with… Carlotta came back as the resounding must-try & I have not been disappointed. For starters, she’s Italian/from Emilia-Romagna yet her English is perfect. She also has a ton of personality & is a lot of fun, she continually tells you little tips & tricks that go beyond what’s in a recipe. She’s also all about teaching the essentials of Italian cooking so that you have skills & can make many dishes with what you learn. She sets a beautiful table when the lesson/cooking is complete & you enjoy a wonderful, memorable meal at her table. I asked if I could bring my 11 year-old son for some classes & this may not be typical but she said yes & she’s been terrific with him, he’s now so passionate about cooking & learning. The dishes we’ve made have been fabulous & Carlotta sends you home with lots of extra so you get to enjoy the fruit of your efforts for days to come; she continually goes above & beyond. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher of Italian cuisine, I can’t wait to continue Cooking With Carlotta. She IS your must-do cooking school in Firenze.